Burst Photo Booths



Blanche: 1966 ROadrunner

Created by the L&M Manufacturing Company based in Utah, RoadRunners were fairly common though not too many are around today. She's shaped more like a toaster than a canned ham (some may even say "loaf.") Her aluminum exterior is perfect for those who want a more neutral booth at their event or would like to customize for a themed event with colors and props. For a vintage trailer, she's fairly spacious inside, easily accommodating 3-4 people per photo session. 

Heart be still: Blanche's style & grace fits into any event!

Photo Jul 03, 6 56 32 PM.jpg


Blanche's interior is spacious, with a bench seat in the back that faces the camera. She's got touches of style all over, from the grey chevron shelving and grey arrow curtain to the rich stained floors and grey cabinetry. The retro vibe is complete with a vintage fan and original oven with stovetop. With a simple yet sophisticated palette, Blanche seamlessly becomes the perfect addition to your event. 

Photo Jul 20, 7 45 21 PM.jpg

photography equipment

A Canon 5D Mark II is housed in a vintage 1910s-era Mirrorscope. These contraptions projected printed pieces like postcards using a lens at the front with two lightbulbs inside. We've outfitted this awesome piece of history to house our camera with L-series lens for top quality images. A custom wood box contains the touch-screen computer, counting down to each snap. Professional lighting and printer round out the equipment.