Burst Photo Booths


The story of how Burst Photo Booths came to be, from purchasing the trailers to the nitty gritty of getting them on the road.


Two Newbies (Twobies?)

In early Spring 2017, I decided that in order to get on the road more quickly than the smushed canned ham project would allow, I'd get a somewhat road-ready trailer and test the business idea. Somehow I ended up with two. 

Picture it, Shasta, 2017. The family headed up for a spring camping trip, hoping the rains would hold off. We chose Shasta because it's just about in the middle - most of us coming from the Bay Area and my brother & his girlfriend coming down from Oregon. My brother helped me find a 1957 Mercury canned ham trailer on Craigslist, located in Grants Pass, Oregon, right on I5 on his way to the campsite. He generously offered to check it out for me and if he liked it, I'd sent him the cash to buy it. In a parallel universe, I had found a different one on Craigslist, located in Medford, Oregon, also off of I5. That guy was pushy and asked for a deposit - sooooooo that's not how Craigslist works, sir. You have the trailer (if it's even real, let's be honest) and my $500? I don't think so. I wrote that one off. 

Then along comes the week of the trip. My brother and the Grants Pass dude connected and setup a time to meet on Friday night. The other trailer guy ended up emailing me the night before we left...and because that's how we roll, my dad and I decided it was a good decision to take a look at that one too.

My parents and I caravanned-ish up to Shasta from Napa, with them in the hot rod with the tear drop trailer, they had to stop every 70 miles or so for gas, so I kept on. We got to the campsite, claimed three spots, unloaded a few things, then my mom hopped in the front seat of my cargo van, Morrison, and my dad took a nap on the floor in the back. Behind the security wall. On my camping gear. Worked out great, besides the fact that we should have been setting up camp and not galavanting to Oregon on a whim. 

We had to go back to Redding (about 30 min south of the campsite) to get cash in case it worked out. We made it to the bank with 15 minutes to spare, and thus begins the night of close calls. We got out the cash, hit the road, marveled at snow-covered Mount Shasta and made our way to Medford. The guy met us there - turned out to be a nice guy - and my dad checked out the trailer, in the dark. Overall, it was in really good shape, ready to camp if nothing else. Morrison has a very low profile - great for getting in and out, tough for towing. The hitch is beefy and ride very, very low to the ground. The hitch my dad brought made the towing rig much lower, so after hooking it all up, he basically gouged out the guy's yard dragging the trailer out of there. On top of it all, the trailer had a 7-pin hitch light connection and Morrison has a 4-pin. Fun times.

Ok, so we weren't just dragging the trailer, we were high-tailin' it to make it to AutoZone before they closed at 9pm. It was 8:59pm. I called in a panic, which came out as something like this: "ISTHEREANYWAYYOUCOULDSTAYOPENFORANEXTRA5MINUTES? PLEASE? WE HAVE TO GET TRAILER BACK TO CALIFORNIA TONIGHT!!!!! PLEASE!!!!" The guy, in a slow, slow, I-hate-my-job tone, says, "I guesssss sooooo." (Think the turtle in Neverending Story.) We got there. My dad got what he needed and started electrical engineer surgery on the trailer connection.

After about an hour in the parking lot, he got the lights to come on but the brake lights were on full time. Better than nothing was the consensus there. At this point, my folks are starving so we find an Arby's in good old Medford, gobble up a couple roast beast sandwiches and chill out. My brother calls.

He's checked out the Grants Pass trailer, giving it two thumbs up except for the smell. He bought it.

Brother: "Hey! So I got it! It's in good shape and the guy was cool!"
Me: "Ummmmm great! (?)!" {slight hesitation.}
Brother: "Wait what's wrong? Should I not have gotten it?"
Me: "No, no, for sure, I'm glad you got it. We just got one too........"
Brother: "WHAT? Where?"
Me: "Medford."
Brother: "OREGON????!?!?!?"
Me: "Ummmmm yesssssss......we're still here and you're only about 40 minutes away so we'll stay here and wait for you."
Brother: "So how are you going to get them both home? You have one car and two trailers."
Me: "Yes, thank you, I know the dilemma. Haven't quite gotten that far...."