Burst Photo Booths


The story of how Burst Photo Booths came to be, from purchasing the trailers to the nitty gritty of getting them on the road.

The Saga of the '53 Continued

The accident happened on July 30, 2016. Dealing with insurance is never easy, and this wasn't at all. What should have been a straight up read end accident resolution turned into three months of a mess dealing with AAA.

My first thought when I found out she had AAA was - YAY! A large company with a great reputation. Man, was I wrong. It all started out ok...then the trailer came into play. Because these trailers are old with very little VIN history if any. I figured the whole ordeal would be...well...an ordeal, but I sure didn't expect all that happened. 

In preparation for doing a valuation on the trailer, I started pulling every single Craigslist/Vintage Camper Trailer/Sisters on the Fly/eBay listing I could for 50s canned ham trailers in the same condition that I had gotten mine in. I came up with about 22 listings from around the country, plus adding the California "surcharge." Most vintage trailers run for at least 2x-3x more than vintage trailers around the country. Everything is more expensive here.

I had come up with a valuation of about $2500. In order for me to find another trailer within 2 hours of my house, that was the price. AAA didn't want to pay me $2500. They wanted to pay me $600. So let's see, two hours before their customer rear ended me, I purchase the trailer for $1000. I am REALLY bad at math, but I'm pretty sure $1000 is more than $600. No dice, homies. I went back to my claims adjuster with my 22 listings, articles on valuations, discussions about California pricing, etc. I got passed on to a new adjuster. 

I had the same conversation on with the Claims Adjuster #2. After a ton of research, I found the VIN on the tongue. It matched the CA title that I had in hand from the kid I bought it from. I still had no idea what it actually was, so I started posting in forums and doing a ton, ton, ton of research. From the best I could tell, it's a '53 Westerner. Claims Adjuster #2 disappeared during all of this and I got Claims Adjuster #3. 

Claims Adjuster #3 wanted a AAA trailer inspector to come out and find the VIN, the same VIN I took photos of an compared to the title for them. But sure, come on over. The inspector was super nice, a local woman, I told her what happened, she checked the VIN - the SAME VIN I CHECKED - and wrote her report. She sent that off to Claims Adjuster #3 who then sent it to Claims Adjuster #4. 

About a month had gone by at this point and they were still pushing back. I finally said look, I can keep sending you listing after listing, but this is how much it will now take to replace this trailer. Claims Adjuster #4 finally agreed and I got about $2750 for the rear end. Of course, the story doesn't end there - my car was pretty damaged in the accident as well, but that's just a 2004 Nissan Murano, so how big of a deal could that be?