Burst Photo Booths


The story of how Burst Photo Booths came to be, from purchasing the trailers to the nitty gritty of getting them on the road.


The Door on the '66

The inside of the door on the '66 was ugly. Just ugly. In a lot of the photos I've seen of other campers and photo booth campers, owners have painted the inside of the door with chalkboard paint which I love. I can then write notes to guests at events, share hashtags, share step by steps, etc. Bonus: chalkboard paint is black, perfect with my simple, neutral color scheme for the '66! More to the story below...

While painting, I had one of those days...I leaned over to get the paint can and basically head butted the door, wet paint in hair. Good thing my hair is really dark, eh. Immediately after that, I stepped on the paint can lid, paint side up of course. All in all, it's going well. In order to get a clean paint job on the right side, I removed the doorknob (also, I don't like it and wanted to replace it.) Well, the door slammed shut from a slight gust of wind and I was locked out of the trailer, along with all of my tools. Silver lining: I wasn't locked IN the trailer. Luckily, that doorknob is the same as what is on my two front doors, so after some testing of other ideas, I removed my front door knob and used it to open the trailer door. Nothing too bad happened, but it was just one of those days.