Burst Photo Booths


The story of how Burst Photo Booths came to be, from purchasing the trailers to the nitty gritty of getting them on the road.


Welcome to the Burst Family...

We did a thing. 


Thanks to Barb in the Facebook Group, Vintage Campers 4 Sale, we saw this 1957 Scotsman Travel Trailer just over in Vacaville. We went to check her out today, kicked the tires so to speak, and met an awesome woman who loved this '57 Scotsman. The details speak loudly! Adorable paint (which matched her truck to make a COOL rig...vintage tow vehicle may be up next!), cute details inside...she'll be great for our newest photo booth but also for some vintage trailer rallies and glamping weekends this year. Unlike the others, there won't be much hard work to do to get her photo booth-ready.

Now the dilemma...anyone who's owned a vintage trailer knows you have to name them, like a boat. We love the Golden Girls and as you all know, Blanche is on the road now. We had previously named our 1957 Mercury "Rose" but then we saw this '57 Scotsman and...well....we got The Feel. The Feel is when you just know a name goes with the thing. This happened immediately with Blanche. When we saw this little yellow bundle of sunshine today, we just knew her name had to be Rose. Golden Girls Rose always wore yellow sweaters. She really was the little ray of sunshine in all of the Golden Girls' shenanigans (though she did have a spicy side.) We've decided that against any obscure vintage trailer code there may be, we must name our newest addition Rose and we're naming our 1957 Mercury Dorothy.

Where does that leave the smushed trailer, the 1953 Westerner? Time will tell. (Possibly Stan, but we're not sure we can go with a guy's name...)

Peeps, meet Rose.