Burst Photo Booths


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Booth Details

  1. How big is the photo booth? 

    • Blanche is ~17ft long, ~8ft wide and ~8ft tall
    • Too big? Learn more about Rue, our open air booth.
    • Rose & Dorothy are not quite road ready but we'll update this when they are!
  2. How many people can fit inside the booth at a time?

    • 3-4 people fit comfortably inside the booth
  3. How much space is needed at the venue?

    • For the Blanche, the camper, we will need a space about 20' wide, 10' high, 15' deep and about 10' in front of the camper door for props, attendant(s) & setup
    • For Rue, the open air booth, we will need a space about 15' wide, 10' high, 15' deep
  4. Does my venue allow photo booths onsite?

    • Please check with your venue to be sure there is space for the photo booth. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to connect us with your venue contact.
  5. Does the booth need electricity?

    • Yes! Access to electricity needs to be within 45 feet of the booth.
  6. What if there isn't access to electricity at the venue?

    • Additional fees will be incurred to bring a generator. Learn more.
  7. Does the booth have air conditioning?

    • We have fans inside the booth but no air conditioning at this time.
  8. How much setup time is needed?

    • We will arrive a minimum of 2 hours before the start time in the contract.
  9. Is wifi required?

    • Wifi isn't required but it sure is appreciated! We'll be able to upload your gallery quickly if there is wifi onsite.
  10. Can we rent a booth in winter?

    • Of course! 
  11. Is there heating?

    • At launch, the booths will not have heaters. As we move into the cooler seasons, we will look into modifying the booths.
  12. We want a booth but don't have room!

    • We can provide the same services with an open-air booth! Learn more.


  1. How does it work?

    • Choose your props
    • Enter the photo booth
    • When you're ready, approach the screen and touch to start
    • You'll have 10 seconds to get in place!
    • Most events have 2x6 strips with 3 photos per strip. Think of at least 3 poses!
    • Collect your photo strips
    • Return the props
    • Enjoy your photos!
  2. Are the images high resolution?

    • Our booths are equipped with professional photography equipment in high-resolution JPG format.
  3. Do we get a guest book?

  4. Will there be an online gallery?

    • Yes! We will share an online gallery with you either onsite if there is access to wifi or within one week of your event.
  5. Do we pay per print?

    • Private events include unlimited prints
    • Public events are pay-per-print sessions

Props & Backdrops

  1. Can we provide our own props?

    • Absolutely! Let's chat.
  2. What about our own backdrop?

    • Yes! Print your logo or event logo & hashtag on a step & repeat. Contact us so we can provide dimensions and talk about what you're thinking. Additional fees apply.

Nitty Gritty

  1. Insurance

    • We are fully insured.
  2. Deposit

    • We collect a deposit for all private events. If there is no damage to the photo booth, you will receive your deposit back within 10 business days of the event.
  3. How far will you travel?

    • Have booth, will travel!! Packages include 20 miles from 94559 (Napa, CA) but we can attend events just about anywhere.
  4. What if we go over the hours listed in the package we chose?