Burst Photo Booths

Limelight Experience

The Limelight Experience

Before you head out for your amazing day of wine tasting in the Napa Valley, swing by the studio for your moment in the limelight!

Perfect for: bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, friend weekends, couples weekends and corporate team meetings!



Choose your backdrop. If you have custom props or backdrop, let's work together to make it happen!


Hair, check. Makeup, check. Great outfit, check.
Arrive at our downtown Napa photography studio ready for your paparazzi moment!


Backdrop, check. Props, check. 
You can do as many sessions as you'd like during your appointment, with a print for each person in your group!
Email the images to your phone on the spot.


At the end of your session, enjoy your printed photos and your tour company/DD will pick you up to continue your unforgettable Napa Valley day.
We'll send you a link to download all of the photos from your session so you can share share share!

The Experience

Downtown Napa Photography Studio
20 minutes of a photo booth extravaganza with props
Your choice of backdrop
Unlimited sessions with prints for everyone in your group




Name *
Phone *
We will try to accommodate more than 6 people per session but the paparazzi booth area is on the small side. You can always go into the booth in shifts!
Desired Date *
Desired Date
We will let you know immediately if the date you have chosen is available! All sessions are booked before 11am.
So we can tag you in our pics!
So Extra
Share with us why you're celebrating in Napa Valley! Have a custom experience in mind? Maybe full hair & makeup plus paparazzi sessions with custom props? Let us know here so we can work together to kick off your special day in your way.

Looking to make a bigger splash?