Burst Photo Booths


Burst onto the scene! Burst with joy! Pop into one of our custom vintage trailers for a burst of fun and get your photo strip and access to a digital gallery for sharing to your favorite social media site.

Based in Napa, CA // Have Trailer, Will Travel

Our Story

A vintage trailer has been on our minds for years. Originally the idea was a coffee cart, catering to those stuck in office buildings with no access to amazing coffee throughout their day. This quickly transformed into something we're actually good at: photography! (Our coffees aren't quite amazing...yet.) We have had quite an adventure with this idea and are thrilled to get the business on the road in 2017.


The '53 Westerner was the first vintage trailer we found within our budget, in the state of California. Tough parameters, let me tell ya. We headed out to Patterson, CA, to check out the trailer. We hit up a local breakfast spot in town and then hit the road. We got back on I580 and BAM, rear ended. The woman did some hefty damage to the '53, and in the hours we waited on the side of the highway, we made plans. Unfortunately, our plans were foiled by my dad's motorcycle accident 4 days later and the '53 has been a slow work in progress. She sits proudly on tall jacks, waiting for some welding and reconstruction. 


Since then, our photography/digital marketing business got busy and the vintage trailer project was put on hold. In the past few months, we started looking for new-to-us trailers to get this project on the road (literally.) My trusty friend Craigslist connected us to two trailers in southern Oregon, only a few hours from where the family was camping in March 2017. A family member picked up Rose and we picked up Blanche. 


Blanche is just about ready to hit the road! She's all dolled up with some bling and rouge and ready for her debut on August 20, 2017. Dorothy is perched in the backyard, currently cleaned out and in the middle of renovation! She's got a few more challenges....nothing some more cleaning, a few board replacements and some paint can't fix! And the '53, you ask? Poor '53. As of February 2018, we have a new addition to the family, a 1957 Scotsman we have named Rose! This yellow ray of sunshine will be on the road within a month or two.