Burst Photo Booths

Prop Packs

We have 3 prop packs suited for your event.


Prop Pack 1: All the Goods

This prop pack is a collection of all the goodies! From boas and fun glasses to great mustachios and microphones - this pack has something for every personality!

Prop Pack 2: Hey Daddy-O!

Rose & Dorothy were born in the 1950s - rock & roll! Celebrate those summmmerrrrr niiiiiii-hiiiiiightttttssss with cat eye glasses, jukeboxes and the good hair. 

Prop Pack 3: Summer of Love

Blanche was born in 1966, just in time for the Summer of Love in 1967. Don a flower crown, circle sunnies and a fringe vest - peace, man.

PROP PACK 4: Totally 90s

Totally rad, dude. This prop pack is all that and a bag of chips, with bling, an oversized old school cell phone, and enough phrases to give props for these props.